The Benefits of Using Plastic Pipes

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If you live in an older home and are due for re-piping soon, you’ll have to make a decision regarding what kind of pipe you want to install. Over the last couple decades or so, plastic piping has become immensely popular for homeowners due to a large number of advantages they can offer. So when you’re looking to have re-piping services done, consider these five benefits that plastic polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) pipes have over their copper or iron counterparts.

Low Cost
Plastic piping is far less expensive to purchase than metal piping. Metal prices have soared in recent years, which has dramatically driven up the costs to produce galvanized steel or copper pipes. PVC and CPVC pipes are produced in a factory using low-cost materials, and because they’re light weight and easy to transport, the cost is much lower. A re-pipe project performed with PVC or CPVC pipe is generally far less expensive than a copper or steel re-pipe.

Long Lifespan
Metal pipes face an enemy that plastic pipes do not: rust and corrosion. Over time, metal pipes will wear down from the water traveling through them, creating thin spots where leaks can occur. These leaks are what can cause damage to your home, including your drywall, insulation, and even structure if the leak happens in your walls. Plastic pipes do not have this risk—they don’t corrode, rust, or develop sediment buildup that can lead to bursting, and as a result they last far longer than metal pipes.

Ease of Installation & Repair
Installing plastic pipes is a breeze. In many cases plumbers simply need a form of CPVC primer or plumbing cement and they can easily glue your pipes together with a ridiculously strong bond in just a few minutes. This makes installation take far less time than a metal re-pipe, which involves having to seal and weld pipes together to prevent leaks. Repairs are also a big deal in metal pipes, requiring knowledge of soldering or welding. Repairing a plastic pipe simply involves cutting out the damaged portion and then replacing it using a few couplers. The cost is low and takes minimal time and skill.

Energy Efficiency
Metal transfers heat far better than plastic does, and thus metal pipes are more influenced by external temperatures than their PVC counterparts. You can reduce this heat loss in metal piping by installing pipe insulation, but this only adds to the expense, and the insulation only lasts for about a decade or so before it needs to be replaced. PVC pipes don’t need this insulation, as they’re far less susceptible to heat loss or unwanted heat intrusion. PVC generally does not transfer heat well at all, so they’re naturally more resistant to the blistering temperatures of summer or the pipe-freezing cold of winter. They’re also far less prone to condensation as a result.

When a plastic pipe system has reached the end of its lifespan, the pipes themselves are recyclable. Metal pipes are created from non-renewable earth materials that often cannot be re-purposed after their useful life is finished. As a result, PVC pipe is the far more environmentally-friendly solution for your home’s re-piping.

If your home needs to be re-piped, trust the experts in environmentally-friendly plumbing services from The Eco Plumbers to get the job done right the first time. Our professional, fully-licensed Columbus plumbers can help you replace the pipes running throughout your home in a cost-effective and plant-friendly fashion. We can work with nearly any piping material, including PVC and CPVC pipes to help your home remain as efficient as possible. Our services themselves are also helpful for the environment, as we recycle all materials we use, including scraps and waste.

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