How to Find a Garbage Disposal Leak

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Even though you take care of your garbage disposal, things eventually wear out over time and a leak may develop one day. Despite your best efforts, these leaks can develop with little to no warning and potentially lead to damage under your sink, including developing mold or mildew that can have adverse health effects. To make matters worse, discovering what part of your garbage disposal is leaking isn’t always straightforward.

Common Leak Causes
Your garbage disposal can spring a leak for a number of reasons. The four most common spots for leaks to occur are:

The sink flange (the part that connects the bottom of the sink drain with the top of the disposal)
The drain pipe (the pipe which drains water and food waste to the sewer)
The dishwasher connection (a rubber hose that runs from the side of your dishwasher to the disposal)
The disposal unit itself
Finding the Leak Source

In some cases, spotting the issue with your disposal is simple. If your dishwasher connection is leaking, then odds are the leak can be found either near the hose itself or near where the hose connects with the disposal. This is easily repaired by simply replacing the hose that makes this connection.

However, other issues can be tougher to determine if you’re not experienced or know what to look for. Fortunately, there’s a simple test you can run at home to determine the source of your leak. First, dry the outside of the sink flange thoroughly. Next, place a stopper in the drain and fill the sink with a few inches of water.

When you observe beneath the sink, look for a few tell-tale signs. Any new moisture on the sink flange or dripping shows that the flange itself is leaking and should be replaced. If no dripping occurs and the flange remains dry, however, remove the sink plug and carefully observe the drain pipe and disposal itself. If your drain pipe is leaking, contact a plumber and have the pipe replaced to eliminate the leak. If the garbage disposal unit itself is leaking, odds are you’ll want to replace it.

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