Summer Plumbing: 4 Common Problems During Summer Months

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Most people may not think of plumbing problems when they consider seasonal home maintenance, but summer can actually be prime time for plumbing issues. In fact, this time of year sees a number of plumbing problems, from your common household issues to certain things that only happen in the warmer months.

At The Eco Plumbers, our Columbus plumbers are committed to helping homeowners and local residents do all they can to prevent and handle any plumbing problems during the summer. To help you gain a better understanding of some of these common issues, we’ve outlined five of the most common below:

Clogged Garbage Disposals – People love to entertain during the summer, and dinner parties and barbecues can create a lot of food waste. If you’re hosting summer get-togethers, be aware that your garbage disposal can be getting a lot of use and be aware of what you’re putting through the drain. For starters, avoid tough rinds, coffee grounds, oils, and cooking grease and clean out the disposal using boiling water.

Sprinkler Problems – Summer is the perfect time for that well-manicured lawn and beautiful plants and flowers, but problems with sprinklers can easily lead to a charred lawn and dead plants, not to mention other more serious issues, due to summer heat. Through wear and tear, damage, and under-use, sprinklers can develop leaks that can lead to bigger water bills.

Toilet Issues – A lot of households swell during the summer – meaning that kids are home from school or family and friends come to visit. With more people, your toilets will be doing more work and may encounter more problems. Make is a point to keep your toilets clean and well-maintained and make sure everyone in your home knows what can and cannot be flushed, and to limit toilet paper use.

Clogged Sewers – Summer months can see increases in rain and thunderstorms in certain parts, and that means potential clogging risks for sewer lines. Plant and tree roots may also encroach into sewer lines when there’s a lot or too little rain. If you see signs of a sewer line backup call our team for a sewer inspection.
If you encounter any plumbing issues this summer, our friendly team and The Eco Plumbers is ready and happy to help! We offer free in-home quotes and 24/7 emergency services! Contact us today to learn how we can help!

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