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There are many things we can all do to save water on a daily basis. At Eco Plumbers, eco-friendliness isn’t just something we practice for our customers and business, it’s how we live. We are dedicated to making green choices in the office, on the job and in our personal lives. The importance of conservation is carried out in everything we do, and we want to pass that information on to our customers to help you live a more earth-minded life.

Below you will learn more about some of the green plumbing techniques and technologies we use and recommend, and you will also get some helpful tips on simple ways to cut down your water use.

What does conservation in the plumbing industry mean?
From installing high-efficiency faucets to recycling plastic and metal, we approach conservation holistically, so it doesn’t mean just one thing. Adding one or two water conserving devices to a home is a great start — but the best strategy for real impact is to develop a conservation plan that impacts your entire way of living.

Eco Plumbers recommends the following three water conservation measures.
Using Grey Water Systems
Harvesting Rainwater
Installing high-efficiency technology (HET) water conservation devices, such as HET faucets, showerheads, and toilets in homes and businesses.

What is grey water?
Grey water is the water used to wash dishes, clothes and water from baths and showers. Repurposing it as toilet water can cut down on a household’s overall water consumption. Recycled grey water can also serve to irrigate landscaping. If just 100 families converted to a grey water system, 500,000 to 800,000 gallons of water would be saved a year.

What are the benefits of using a grey water system?
Installing a grey water system would contribute to the national water conservation movement, and recycling your water can save you money because you are using your water twice instead of just once. However, reusing water requires some changes to daily routines, like using non-toxic soaps for cleaner grey water.

How do you harvest rainwater?
Harvesting rainwater means collecting runoff from gutters, rooftops and rainfall. With special treatment and the proper plumbing, harvested rainwater can become a household’s primary water supply. Not only will this save money, but it can have a significant environmental impact.

Do high-efficiency technology devices really make a difference?
In 1994, the federal government made a rule stating toilets could not use more than 7 gallons of water per flush. The low-flow model toilet was the result. Today’s high-efficiency toilets use substantially less water.

Dual-flush toilets are also a good option. They use two buttons or handles to flush two levels of water depending on user need. Other HET devices include showerheads, washing machines and faucets. Up to 40 percent of the water used can be saved with the addition of HET devices. These small, relatively inexpensive changes can save thousands of gallons of water each year, not to mention cut down on your water bills.

Conserving water is a global and environmental necessity. The Eco Plumbers offers water audits for homes and businesses to determine a property’s water consumption, goals and needs. We can help you install any one of these systems – give us a call today! Saving water isn’t a business, it’s a lifestyle, and the more changes we make as a community, the better it will be for the planet.

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