Spring Plumbing Tips

Home Plumbing and Eco Tips #2

With spring finally around the corner, it’s time for some spring cleaning! Aside from cleaning your home, this is the perfect time to ensure your plumbing system is in top condition. Since leaks and other plumbing issues can result in hundreds of dollars wasted, it’s critical to check the condition of your pipes at least once a year. For many homeowners, spring is the most opportune time to address these issues.

Check for Leaks
The most immediate concern for any homeowner should be plumbing leaks. Be sure to check both indoor and outdoor faucets, as the extreme changes in temperature can cause unintended leaks. Remember, you’re responsible for paying for the water even if you are unaware of leaks, so it’s critical to be proactive in finding those unintended drips. Aside from checking the faucets in your bathroom and kitchen, be sure to check your toilets for drips, cracks and hidden leaks.

Feel free to repair minor leaks in faucets and the toilet on your own. For anything more severe, though, it’s a good idea to call a professional plumbing service, as you could inadvertently make the situation worse.

Clear Your Drains
Make sure you have strainers placed over your drain to prevent hair and other debris from clogging the pipes. Clogged pipes not only cause disgusting backups, but they create unnecessary pressure the pipes aren’t designed to handle for long periods of time. If you have any yard drains, make sure these are also clear so water doesn’t back up into your home or property. Call for professional drain cleaning.

Clean Your Showerhead
Mineral deposits will naturally accumulate on your showerhead over time. While there are many commercial solutions you can buy, you can also use some items you probably already have around the house. Put white vinegar into a Ziploc bag and wrap it around the showerhead for 24 hours. This will clear the minerals and leave the showerhead shiny and clean, allowing water to spray without any resistance.

Check the Water Heater and Pump
Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to check things that you usually keep out of sight. For instance, consider checking your water heater to ensure it’s in good working condition. When was the last time you checked your water pump? Regularly checking these things will ensure you address potential problems before they blossom into an expensive repair. Call Eco Plumbers for an energy efficient and money saving water heater installation.

Search for Infrequently Used Drains
If you have infrequently used drains in your home, particularly those in the basement, it’s important to drain at least 1 gallon of water through them every year. This will clear the trap, preventing odors from entering your home. If any floor drains are slow, you’ll want to snake them to ensure they can quickly whisk away water in the event of a flood.

Following these tips will ensure your plumbing system is healthy for many years to come. Whether you need a repair service, draining cleaning, or anything in-between, the Eco Plumbers are here to take care of your plumbing in an environmentally friendly way. Contact us today to learn more.

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