Benefits of Radiant Heating

Home Plumbing and Eco Tips #2

With the rise in energy costs and the hassle of HVAC maintenance, many homeowners are opting for radiant heating systems. Radiant heating systems circulate boiling water through a transfer device which distributes heat throughout a home. Transfer devices can include in-floor units, loops or wall radiators. Installing a radiant heating system in your home may be a larger-than-average investment, but it provides multiple benefits guaranteed to improve your quality of life.

Reduce Energy Costs
Radiant heating solutions, though costly to install, are capable of reducing home energy costs by up to 50%. Over time, this significant cost savings can more than make up for the initial system investment. Similar to the way the sun’s rays warm the earth, radiant heat systems gradually warm your home in an energy-efficient manner.

Reduce Noise Pollution
Traditional HVAC systems can be noisy as they force air through various ducts and into individual rooms of your home. Though usually not detectable at first, this constant background noise adds to the amount of noise pollution in your home. Alternatively, installing a radiant heating system provides a significant reduction in background noise, restoring your home to its naturally peaceful state.

Heat Optimally
Radiant heating systems provide a steady supply of warmth to any room in your home. Compared to traditional heating units, radiant heating systems optimize temperatures by eliminating drafts of air and reducing drastic temperature fluctuations. This optimal heat source ensures your home remains cozy and comfortable all year long.

Quick Installation
Unlike other heating systems, radiant heating systems do not require air ducts or registers. As a result, installation of a radiant heating system to a new or old home is a relatively simple process. Since these systems can be installed in flooring, on walls or on ceilings, radiant heating provides homeowners with a variety of options to accommodate their lifestyle.

Improve Air Quality
When using a traditional heating system in your home, dust, particles and allergens easily travel throughout air ducts. As a traditional heating system distributes air, these particles travel from room to room and pollute the air quality in your home. In comparison, radiant heating systems do not require the circulation of heated air to warm your home. As a result, radiant heating can significantly improve the air quality of your home while protecting the health of your family.

Customize Temperatures
One of the best reasons to install a radiant heat system is the ability to customize indoor temperatures. Whether you desire variable temperatures from room to room, or simply want to reduce overall energy use throughout the home, radiant heat allows homeowners to adjust the temperature of a room via individual thermostats.

Conserve Resources
Some radiant heating systems are designed to receive and store the sun’s energy, meaning your home is able to harness the power of the sun to distribute warmth indoors. While installation of these systems may be a bit more expensive, the ability to conserve natural resources is an attractive feature that helps protect the environment.

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