How to Check if Your Pipes Are in Good Shape for Spring

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It’s always a good idea to check your pipes before and after winter. Colder weather can damage pipes and lead to water damage that is costly to repair. There are a few simple tips homeowners can include in spring cleaning activities to ensure pipes are working well for the season ahead. Give your plumbing a little TLC this spring by following these tips from Eco Plumbers:

Look around the house for leaks or weak spots. Any exposed piping should be thoroughly checked for leaks and cracks. If you notice any damp areas, leaking fixtures, or other indicators of moisture, it’s time to contact a professional plumber to come inspect the problem. Listen around toilets, tubs, and sinks for running water, especially when the water supply should not be on.

Check the toilet. If you can’t hear any water running through the toilet, you can add a few drops of food coloring to the tank and wait a few minutes. If you notice any of the color leaking into the bowl after 10 or so minutes, you have a leak problem.

Look around the outside of the home. If you notice any greener or muddier areas than anywhere else around the home, it may be an indication of a leak that needs the attention of a plumber.

Check the whole home for leaks at the water meter. Locate your water meter near the house. Turn it off and make a note of the meter reading. Wait for 15 minutes. Make sure that all spigots, faucets, and appliances are not running for the duration of the test. After 15 minute have passed, read the meter again. Any changes in the meter reading during that time will indicate a serious leak in or around the home that needs to be addressed by a plumber. It may not indicate smaller house leaks.

Swimming pool check. Grab a 5 gallon bucket, put some water in it to weigh it down, and place it on the top step of the pool. Make a mark where the water level is currently. Wait for 24 hours and then look again. If the water level is lower, then you may have a leak in your pool system somewhere that could be costing you hundreds of gallons of lost water every day.
Avoid Clogs
Do away with chemical drain-cleaners. Chemical based drain cleaning products are really bad for the environment. They can also end up hurting your pipes more than helping them, because they can wear down the interiors and make them more susceptible to leaks and breaks. Use a drain snake to try to clear clogged drains, and contact a professional plumber if you can’t reach the source of the clog on your own.
Make a resolution to avoid pouring grease down the sink drain. Most oily cooking substances will harden once they cool. Bacon and beef drippings, frying oil, and other greasy liquids should always be cooled and placed in the garbage.
Following these tips, you should be able to tell if you have a problem that needs to be addressed by a professional. Eco Plumbers are the professionals that you can trust. If you do have a leak, getting the plumbing fixed can save significantly on your water bill.

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