5 Steps to Prepare Your Lawn for Spring

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The winter snow may provide a natural blanket for the ground, but once it melts, lawns tend to be soggy, brown, and aesthetically displeasing. Fortunately, there are a few steps homeowner’s can take to liven up their lawns and prepare them for the approaching warm weather.

Aerate the Soil
Homeowners can rent a core soil aerator from any local hardware store. Relatively inexpensive, the cost should be around $40. The machine resembles a rotary tiller and uses steel tubes to pull plugs of soil from within the lawn and deposit them on the top layer. Because soil gets heavily compacted in the winter, it makes it hard for fertilizer, sun, and water to penetrate into underlying layers. Using a soil aerator will reduce the soil compaction, bringing life to the lawn and allowing necessary nutrients to disperse properly.

Mow the Lawn
Once the snow melts, the grass may appear to have an unfortunate brown hue. This is due to layer upon layer of detritus piling up under the compacted snow. Mowing down the old grass will remove the thatch, which is an accumulation of dead steps and leaves.

Start Weed Prevention Early
As the temperature begins to reach 70-plus degrees, weed seeds spread and begin to sprout. Weed prevention should begin in late winter to early spring before the temperature begins to rise. Start by applying a pre-emergence lawn weed preventer. After watering, the chemical will form a barrier on the soil, prohibiting weeds from germinating. However, if you’re planning on spreading new grass seeds this spring, do not put down weed preventer, as this will prevent grass seeds from coming up. Be sure to use a soil aerator before applying the chemical, as aerating after the chemical has been put down will destroy the protective barrier.

Consider Downsizing
Lawns take a lot of work to maintain. If it is getting too expensive and intensive, downsize to a smaller lawn. If there is a brick patio, consider trimming down the lawn within the patio borders and creating clean, fluid lines. A smaller, healthier lawn is better looking than a larger, mediocre lawn. Because lawnmowers can be easily damaged by yard debris, hand-trimming down the perimeters of the lawn will save time and possible damage to expensive equipment. Downsizing will also benefit the lawn by reducing water needs and providing more sunlight. This saves time and lowers bills.

Contrasting Color
As with decorating a home, adding color to a lawn creates visual appeal. Think of placing some brick and stone borders to boost complementary color combinations. Contrasting colors will break up the scene and accentuate the landscaped appearance. Add a few colorful shrubs or potted plants in opposite colors for an inexpensive addition to the landscape.

Get started early on lawn maintenance this spring. You can look forward to a healthy, vibrant lawn that will turn your neighbors green with envy.

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