How Choosing Eco Plumbers Reduces Your Ecological Footprint

Home Plumbing and Eco Tips #2

When choosing a new plumbing company, it is important to consider not only the quality and reputation of the work, but also if the prospective contractors run an environmentally friendly business. Plumbing companies everywhere can take a few small steps to reduce their footprints and protect our environment. Here are 5 methods Eco Plumbers uses to reduce their ecological footprint:

We recycle
At Eco Plumbers, we know the importance of recycling, and we recycle all materials from every job site. Recycling helps stop the process of global warming and also aids in reducing pollution. In addition, it saves energy since it always takes less energy to recycle a product than it does to create a new one. By recycling, we help reduce the amount of trash destined for landfills.

We offer energy-saving products and appliances
Eco Plumbers knows energy efficient appliances save both money and the environment. One of our most popular appliances is the tankless hot water heater. These machines heat water as it is being used rather than wasting energy keeping water warm. They also provide a continuous supply of hot water that the whole family will be thankful for. No more cold showers!

We purchase and use American made tools and supplies
Buying American products reduces carbon emissions since the products only travel a short distance rather than around the world. Also, the shorter amount of time it takes to ship a product, the less packaging is needed. Companies that manufacture products in the United States also follow stronger environmental regulations, thereby protecting our natural resources. Products purchased in other countries are often not held to the same stringent safety regulations as those produced in the U.S., harming both our health and the environment. Buying American also means buying quality, which allows for fewer replacements and ultimately, less waste.

We use earth friendly cleaning and plumbing products
Most household cleaning and plumbing products contain a multitude of chemicals that are flushed down drains and end up in our water system. Eco Plumbers uses only environmentally safe products free from harmful chemicals, helping ensure the safety of your family and our planet.

We help you conserve water
Eco Plumbers is on a mission to save water. We run a variety of tests and checks to see how much water your home is actually using. Sometimes a great deal of water is wasted due to leaks or appliances that are outdated or not functioning properly. After running our water usage checks, we can provide your family with tips, tricks, and ideas to reduce your water consumption.

Choosing a new plumber can be a daunting task since you are entrusting your home to the hands of a stranger. We at The Eco Plumbers, however, strive to provide our customers with the very best of services and care, while ensuring we do our part in reducing our collective footprint on Mother Earth. If you are in need of repairs, service, or a simple inspection, call us today.

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