Drain Maintenance Tips

Home Plumbing and Eco Tips #2

Drains are often taken for granted until the day they decide to stop working appropriately. Poorly functioning drains cause a multitude of problems to a home, including water back-up and flooding. To prevent these disasters from happening, The Eco Plumbers provides five easy tips to keep your drains working:

Avoid pouring liquids down the drain
You may not think twice about pouring hot oil or a gallon of expired milk down your kitchen sink. But, this can have huge consequences later. Oil flows smoothly while hot, but it solidifies when cooled. Milk solidifies easily once it has expired. Over time, solidified liquids collect and trap other particles discarded down the drain. This will eventually lead to a clogged drain that is either slow or has stopped working all together.

Refrain from disposing of food in the sink
It may be tempting to stuff a few eggshells or vegetable peels down the drain. But, these food bits eventually manage to stick to each other, creating one nasty clog. Try to cover your drain with a filter that catches even the smallest of particles while allowing the water to drain through. Throw all peelings and food scraps in the garbage or compost instead. A simple tip when peeling fruits or vegetables is to place a paper towel in the sink to catch the trimmings. This temporary stopper can also be easily thrown away when food preparation is complete.

Pour hot water down the drain
A weekly maintenance tip is to pour a few kettles of hot water down the drain. Boil some water, and then let it sit a few minutes to cool slightly. Let this hot water run down the drain, and repeat this process two or three times. Hot water melts any potential drain clogging culprits and helps drains stay flowing.

Use vinegar and baking soda
The old-fashion combination of vinegar and baking soda can work wonders on a slow drain. Combine equal parts of the two and pour slowly down the drain. Try not to use the sink or tub for at least three hours after the solution is applied. Overnight application works even better. Once the time is up, you can use the drain as normal, or follow with a hot water flush for added cleaning power.

Invest in a plunger
For stubborn clogs and slow drains, a plunger may be the answer. Plungers are available in an array of shapes and sizes customized for the appliance or drain that needs unclogging. Plungers work off of a vacuum seal which can only be created when a small amount of liquid is present. Place the plunger over the drain; test to ensure the vacuum seal has been achieved, and move the plunger in an up and down motion. Remember to never use a plunger with chemical products!

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, clogs still happen. When they do, it is best to call a professional before the problem gets any worse. The technicians at Eco Plumbers will provide both you and your home with quality care and attention for all of your plumbing needs. For more information, contact us today.

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