Home Plumbing And Eco Tips – #3

Most Common Holiday Plumbing Problems

Home Plumbing Tips

Home Plumbing Tip #1: Gas leaks are a common plumbing problem. Gas companies add a special odor to the gas so that you can identify a leak. If you smell a distinctive gassy odor in your home, call your local plumber immediately.

Visit the Eco Plumbers Gas Service Page here.

Home Plumbing Tip #2: What are some of the worst ways that people mess up their own plumbing?

Leaving hoses connected during winter.
Using too much drain cleaner.
Pouring grease down the kitchen drain.
Home Plumbing Tip #3: Do not allow fruit/vegetable juices or cleaning acids to stand on sink surfaces. Teas and Coffee grounds will also stain enameled surfaces if allowed to remain very long.

Eco Tips

Eco Tip #1: Here are some green ways to keep cool in the summer:

Apply window films: it can reduce up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays and up to 79% of solar heat.
Insulate your attic: 2-inch-thick insulation is considerably more effective in reducing ceiling heat than ventilation.
Cool off your kitchen: try some no-cook recipes to reduce stove heat.
Install an evaporative cooler: these coolers use up to 75% less energy than central AC units

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