Common Garbage Disposal Problems & How to Avoid Them

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Your garbage disposal grinds up food particles to keep your kitchen drain free of blockages. However, your garbage disposal may become jammed, broken, or clogged. When this happens, it will fail to break up food chunks, which could result in a clogged drain. There are several things that could cause your garbage disposal to become broken or stuck.

These include:

Stringy foods. Foods such as celery may cause the blades of the garbage disposal to become stuck or jammed.

Meat. Raw or cooked meat is often tough, and your garbage disposal will have a difficult time grinding it up. Bones may also clog your garbage disposal.

Grease. While you may think pouring hot grease down the drain is harmless, it may actually cause a clog. As grease cools, it thickens, building up in your pipes over time.

Coffee grinds. Coffee grinds, egg shells, and seeds may attach to the grease in your pipes and build up, leading to a clog.

Trash items. Plastic bag ties, staples, coins, and other miscellaneous items may cause your garbage disposal to become stuck. These items could also break the garbage disposal blades.

Tips to Avoid a Clogged Garbage Disposal
Many people treat their garbage disposals like a trash can. However, this may result in a broken, clogged, or jammed system. In order to protect your garbage disposal, you should avoid putting the items listed above down the drain. Instead, keep a trash can nearby while you cook. This way, you can throw these items into the trash instead of putting them into the garbage disposal. This will help avoid unnecessary wear and tear on the system.

If your garbage disposal has become stuck or clogged, you should never put your hand into it to try to clear the blockage. This could lead to serious injuries. Our Columbus garbage disposal plumbers have the skills to repair your garbage disposal. We will use the latest technology and equipment to leave your system running smoothly.

Garbage disposal problems are inconvenient and stressful. Don’t let a malfunctioning garbage disposal interrupt your life. Call The Eco Plumbers today at 614-665-5436 for fast and reliable services.

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