Why You Should Show Your Plumbing Some Love This Year

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You depend on the plumbing in your home constantly. Without it, there would be no source of clean water, no sanitary way to dispose of waste, and no easy way to draw water for showers or baths. However, despite the fact that plumbing is so important many people just don’t give their pipes the love they deserve. If taking better care of your home is one of your new year’s resolutions this year, why not start by giving some extra attention to your plumbing? Here are a few brief reasons why you could benefit from taking the extra time to care for your pipes.

Better Reliability
Nobody ever expects something to break in their home, and for many people these breakdowns just never seem to come at an ideal time. Unfortunately many of these issues could have been prevented by simply paying attention to various systems and treating the issue before it turns into a major problem. Your plumbing is no exception: take care of that slow drain now before it fully clogs up or the clog moves its way into one of your main sewer lines. If you do, you’ll have fewer worries and better overall reliability throughout your home.

Lower Costs
Spending a little bit to prevent a serious problem can go a long way towards preventing you from having to spend a lot to fix one. A major plumbing repair can not only cost you a lot in down-time, but a lot in repair bills as well. Replacing a broken or leaking pipe is a lot more expensive than simply taking a few simple steps to fix it before it becomes a serious issue. Leaking pipes and faucets also cost you a lot in wasted water, so a quick fix could actually save you hundreds over the course of the year.

No Sudden Emergencies
Maintaining your plumbing not only increases your reliability, but it dramatically decreases the chances that something catastrophic will go wrong when you least expect it to. Rusted, decayed pipes under pressure can burst, a clog can create pressure that causes flooding, and tree root intrusion in a sewer line can cause your entire yard to flood. But taking a few extra preventative steps and having your drain lines cleaned can do wonders for preventing these issues from ever emerging.

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