Who should I call if my garbage disposal isn’t working?

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Maybe that’s not why your disposal isn’t working, but it’s definitely happened before. There are many reasons a disposal stops working, so (assuming you don’t see a silver handle sticking out of the drain) what is your next step?

You could get out the flashlight and grab your toolbox for a YouTube solution, but that will leave you in a bind if it doesn’t work out. Luckily, there is someone you can call. Eco Plumbers guarantees we will not only fix your problem; we’re some of the only people around who will do it sustainably.

If you live in or around Columbus, Ohio, Eco Plumbers is ready to come to your aid. If your disposal needs to be repaired, we have you covered. If the issue is not repairable, we can replace it for you. Regardless of the problem you’re experiencing with garbage disposal maintenance, Eco Plumbers is on call to help you.

Kudos to you for having a garbage disposal! Disposals are a great part of the sustainable movement that keeps more waste out of our landfills. Did you know the disposal was invented in 1927? There are also a few simple rules you should keep in mind to prevent your garbage disposal from needing repair:

Run water before and after running the disposal.
Use citrus to keep it smelling fresh.
Grinding ice is also a great way to clean the blades.
Remind friends and family that not everything is eligible for the garbage disposal.
Call Eco Plumbers when all else fails!

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