Tips to Conserving Water in The Home

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Water is the earth’s most precious resource as man cannot reproduce it, and it’s essential for survival. In your home, conserving water helps reduce utility expenses while preserving this precious natural resource. If you’re considering the best ways to conserve water in your home, take a look at these nine tips to save water and money.

Use a Dishwasher

Dishwashers use significantly less water than washing dishes by hand. When washing dishes by hand, water runs down the drain the entire time if you leave it running. With dishwashers, dishes can be washed using much less water as these machines use a set amount each time.

Reuse Leftover Water

Water used to cook pasta or vegetables can be reused for watering indoor and outdoor plants. Instead of pouring leftover water out, find another use for it. Similarly, don’t throw away ice cubes that drop on the floor. Consider placing them on top of soil or adding them to your pet’s water dish.

Fix Leaks

If you’ve noticed water spots on the ceiling, floors or inside cabinets, there may be a leak. Leaks can usually be fixed easily and will shave gallons off monthly water use. Consult a plumbing professional to conduct a thorough inspection of your home. By doing so, you can fix all leaks at once.

Change Shower Head

To conserve water, consider replacing existing shower heads with water-conserving shower heads. This simple upgrade can save over 20 gallons a day in wasted water and reduce utility expenses.

Use the Right Cookware

Another way to conserve water is to choose the right size cookware for each meal. It can be tempting to pick a favorite pot or pan, but if you don’t need it for cooking, it doesn’t make sense to fill up a large pot with water. Instead, choose cookware appropriate to the size of the meal.

Save Water Used to Wash Produce

After getting home from the grocery store, many people wash produce before storing it. As opposed to letting this water run down the drain, capture the water in a bucket. This water can be used later to water plants or wash the car.

Don’t Let Water Run

When brushing your teeth or shaving, it’s important to turn off the faucet. By shutting the faucet off, you can conserve gallons of water per day. To save even more water, consider using a cup or bowl to store water used for shaving. Rinse the razor in the bowl instead of turning the faucet back on.

Reduce Shower Time

Instead of taking long showers, cut shower time to 10 minutes or less. Save shower time for only necessary activities, like bathing and washing your hair. This simple adjustment can conserve gallons of water each day.

Upgrade Appliances

Replacing old appliances like dishwashers and washing machines with newer, more efficient models can reduce overall water consumption. Make sure to check the manufacturer’s information for estimated water use per appliance.

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