Three Natural Hazards to Plumbing Systems

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Modern technology has advanced both home and commercial plumbing considerably, including protecting the environment better than ever before. However, the environment can also interfere with your plumbing system. As nature takes its course, it’s not uncommon for plumbing problems caused by natural forces to develop in your sewer lines, sometimes forming slowly while other times suddenly causing a major issue. Let’s look at three major enemies of plumbing systems found in nature.

If you have an older home, your main sewer and water lines may still be old cast-iron pipes that run from the main line to your home. Iron is prone to rusting over time, and this rusting can lead to many serious issues. Rusted iron tends to rot, meaning your lines may become prone to bursting under pressure, which can cause tremendous damage to your property, including possibly jeopardizing the foundation beneath your home. Likewise, an old iron sewage pipe can eventually rot and leak into the ground beneath your home, creating a nasty odor and causing you to need to dig up the entire line in order to replace it, which can be a serious ordeal.

Tree Roots
Do you have any trees planted on your property? If they are planted near your pipes, you may one day find that your drains have started to run slowly and there is a mysterious gurgling sound coming from them. This is a sign of a drain blockage, and it’s not uncommon for tree roots to wiggle their way into plumbing lines and grow, causing them to block up. Identifying and removing one of these roots has become much easier thanks to modern plumbing tools, but a root in your pipe may also point to a leak that you should consider repairing before it can grow any worse. This can happen to nearly any type of plumbing material as well.

Over time, homeowners may begin to notice their drains begin to slow down or their water pressure starts to fade in certain areas of their house. When a plumber inspects their pipes, they may find the line blocked by a strange white rock. This is a calcium deposit, and they are fairly common in areas where hard water is an issue. Removing these is not usually too difficult for a skilled plumber, but serious cases may not be possible to fix by simple non-invasive methods. You may have to replace that particular segment of pipe to fully open the line once again.

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