The Latest Eco-Friendly Trends

Home Plumbing and Eco Tips #2

As the information regarding the environmental harm humans are causing the planet continues to grow and become more frightening, people have begun to look for more eco-friendly ways to live. With the CO2 levels in the atmosphere steadily rising to levels not seen in millions of years, people have begun to ask questions about how to decrease their carbon footprint. Humans are beginning to realize only 3 percent of the water on earth is fresh water, and with only 1 percent of that being usable fresh water, they are starting to ask about conservation techniques.

To help individuals who wish to implement sustainable practices in their daily lives, we have included this list of the latest eco-friendly trends sweeping the nation:

Energy saving light bulbs: Fluorescent light bulbs take less energy to power and give off little to no heat. This makes them far more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs, and therefore longer lasting.
Eco-friendly cleaning products: Biodegradable soap and other cleaning products allow you to clean your home without damaging the environment with runoff from chemical laden water. These products are especially useful in outdoor cleaning products, where the chemicals are almost certain to get into your yard and soil.
Recycled building materials: Using recycled wood or metal as a building material is a trend that is picking up speed with architects and designers. Outdoor patios and porches made with recycled wood are already proving very popular.

Energy star home appliances: Buy refrigerators, ovens, washing machines, and dishwashers with energy star labels whenever possible. While they might be more expensive in the beginning, the savings on your electricity bills will more than pay for the extra initial cost.

Composting: Turning food scraps, paper scraps, and other biodegradable garbage into usable soil is a practice that was used by early humans and then lost sometime after we declared ourselves modern. Now, we are realizing that making high quality soil from our leftovers is a great idea, an excellent time saver, and a good source of free soil.
Recyclable packaging. Cups and containers made from plant material or recycled products are becoming popular in stores, restaurants, and other commercial centers. Reusable grocery bags or tote bags are common and are used in place of the normal plastic grocery bags.

Sustainable cars: Everyone is familiar with electric cars and cars that get excellent mileage per gallon. The technology of the hybrid and the electric car has been around for a long time, but in recent years, has only continued to grow. An electric car that stores solar energy while it drives and can travel in excess of 370 miles without needing to recharge was produced in 2013. Cars made from recycled materials have also begun to hit the market.
Proper kitchen equipment: Sharp knives that allow a homeowner to get the most of a piece of meat or a vegetable while also producing less waste may seem like a non-issue, but they can make an impressive difference. Energy saving kitchen appliances are also important.

The Eco Plumbers is an excellent source for many other tips and advice on eco-friendly living.

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