The Best Resources for Eco-Friendly News

The Best Resources for Eco-Friendly News

What appeared at first to be a trend or fad at the onset of the 21st century has instead developed into a way of life for many individuals. If you are like so many other Americans interested in eco-friendly practices, green technology, and environmentally friendly causes, you are certainly aware that there are thousands – and maybe even millions – of resources floating around the internet. Where do you possibly start?

Tips for Finding Reliable Eco-Friendly News
For those interested in eco-friendly news, it is important to be on the lookout for reliable sources. Because environmentally friendly, green lifestyles are so popular, people with no educational background in the matter seem to pop up everywhere. While they certainly raise awareness for some issues, their information can sometimes be unreliable, misleading, and just plain wrong.

When searching for reliable eco-friendly news, don’t just click on the first link you find and take the information as truth. Instead, do some research on the author or organization and discover what their background is, what their beliefs are, and what their motive might be.

Best Resources for Eco-Friendly News
To take some of the burden off of your shoulders, we have provided a list of a few top online resources for eco-friendly news. This is certainly not a comprehensive list, but is a reliable place to start.

Popular News Sources.
If you trust sources like ABC and Fox Business, you can easily find eco-friendly news directly on their site. These websites usually have dedicated pages that compile and display environmentally friendly/green news for the convenience of their readers. Because these sources are so reliable, you can almost always trust the information and content they publish or distribute. These sites are good sources for news, video, photos, and community discussions.
Mother Earth News. This site is a great source of interesting topics, DIY tips, and popular trending stories. A quick visit here can provide entertainment or useful help on a topic you are concerned about. Some of the pages include “Organic Gardening,” “Green Transportation,” “Natural Health,” “Renewable Energy,” and “Land for Sale.” If you enjoy this online source of news, you may also be interested in signing up for the Mother Earth News magazine, newsletter, blog, or RSS feed.

Greeniacs. is an online community where people can gather, read, and discuss current issues regarding environmentally friendly practices and studies. This site contains news articles, forums, blogs, guides, and videos.
Eco News Network. No list of reliable eco-friendly news sources would be complete without mention of the Eco News Network. This site is one of the most respected on the internet and provides the latest news regarding homes, environment, food, business, travel, wellness, and more.

The Eco Plumbers
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