The Benefits of Regular Drain Cleaning

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When it comes to ensuring the health and functionality of your home, few things are more important than a reliable plumbing system maintained by regular drain cleaning. Giving your pipes and drains the attention they need is one the best investments you can make. Drain cleaning, when done routinely, is relatively convenient and will prevent the rapid escalation of minor plumbing problems.

Why drains become clogged
All sorts of grime, objects, and minerals can wreak havoc in pipes and drains. Additionally, many homes without water softeners are susceptible to calcium build up, leading to slow water flow and pressure reduction. Putting inappropriate food and objects in a disposal may also lead to slow draining, bad smells, destroyed blades, or total clogs. Fat, grease, and oil are all examples of food that start as liquid, but often solidify in drains. Strands of hair can quickly build up in sinks and showers. Depending on your house location, tree roots can be a major disruption. The nutrient-richness of wastewater is extremely attractive to plants and bacteria, and within several years drain systems can be infiltrated. Other reasons people experience plumbing backups include cracked or eroding pipes.

Why regular drain cleaning is important
Regular drain cleaning is valuable because ignoring problems initially can lead to much higher costs later. What may seem like a harmless slow drain could indicate a more serious problem. Think of investing in regular plumbing maintenance as an insurance policy: yes, money is paid out of pocket upfront, but the savings in the long run will be much greater. A flooded basement contaminated with sewage water is difficult to accept knowing a small proactive investment would have prevented it.

Ultimately you want to save time and money while preserving the integrity of your house and plumbing system. The functional use of bathrooms and kitchen is essential. You do not want to be standing ankle deep in a pool of water when your shower drain is clogged. Due to the propensity of water to carry germs and diseases, regular drain cleaning is recommended to ensure proper hygiene and cleanliness. Drain and pipe problems are often hard to self-diagnose, so it is best to utilize the expertise of licensed plumbers in Columbus, OH. Treating the wrong problem, either through the use of excessive drain cleaner or the disassembling of pipes, can often produce different, unexpected, and/or more extensive damage.

Preventative drain cleaning tools and measures
Licensed plumbers in Columbus, Ohio have extensive tools for every situation. These include a power snake or drain auger, which is a rotating blade attached to the end of a cable that chews up blockages. There are also exploratory video cameras that can determine the location and nature of a problem. Certain obstructions are cleared well with high pressure jets. Pressure gauges are excellent for measuring improved water flow.

Homeowners can do a number of things on their own to maintain their plumbing systems. They can be more conscientious when problems begin to occur. They can be judicious in what they put in disposals. Using strainers in sinks and showers is also smart. Water softeners are strongly advised in cases of hard water. In the end, regular drain cleaning combined with common sense is the intelligent, affordable way to maintain an efficient plumbing system. Contact The Eco Plumbers today for more information on drain cleaning in Columbus, Ohio and all your green plumbing needs.

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