Must Know Plumbing Tips for New Home Owners

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Plumbing is something that can sometimes be overlooked but plays an essential role in many activities throughout the home. After purchasing a new house, it is wise for the owner to take stock of what devices and areas of their property utilize plumbing and to gain a basic knowledge of some steps that can be taken to keep their appliances and other water-based systems in great condition. The following are a few tips that can help new home owners avoid costly missteps.

Major Appliances
Large appliances, such as dishwashers and laundry machines, make day to day living easier and more convenient. For this reason, routine maintenance and understanding of how the plumbing system in your house interacts with them is important for every homeowner. For instance, when operating your dishwasher or washing machine, it is a good idea to wait until evening – when the house’s water will not be diverted elsewhere.

This will conserve water temperature and allow for higher pressure to be delivered to the machine. Check that all hoses and valves are leak free and tight, and that they are free of signs of compromised pipe integrity. An appliance leak can lead to the degradation of the appliance and the possibility of mold, so examining your machines is an important task.

Drains and Disposal Systems
Care of sink drains and disposal systems is similarly important. Never dispose of oils or fats in the drain, as they can congeal inside of the pipes and become hard-to-remove clogs in the future. Another good way to prevent clogging is to equip each drain with a strainer. This will prevent the gradual buildup of small particles and hair inside of the house’s pipes and will keep the drain in working condition with much less maintenance.

Garbage disposals can be a great way to remove waste from your countertop, but it is important to be aware of their limitations. Though the name implies the systems can handle almost any garbage, in truth there are very particular things that should and should not be deposited into the disposal. Waste that is not easily ground, such as coarse peels, plastics, bones, or rinds should be avoided, as they can damage the blades and clog the drain. When putting softer foods into the disposal, be sure to turn it on prior to depositing the waste. This will assist the machine in grinding the remnants.

If you start having problems with your garbage disposal, contact Eco Plumbers for garbage disposal repair.

Toilet Tips
Depending on the type of waste disposal system in place, toilets can be tricky to keep flowing smoothly. Rural settings often employ septic systems, which require specialty toilet paper and cannot withstand anything too thick or porous. In the city, more is permissible but much is still off limits. For example, flushing cotton, sanitary napkins, or hair down the toilet will likely result in a clog. These items do not disintegrate quickly and can stay inside of your pipes long enough to cause a blockage.

There are many ways to safeguard your plumbing system against harm, but your best asset is being conscious of your input and use of water. If you feel you are in need of a professionals help, don’t hesitate to call The Eco Plumbers. We are the technicians you can count on!

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