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New houses, old houses, condominiums, and even stately mansions deal with plumbing clogs. Inexperienced homeowners may fret and worry about a clogged drain, but clearing drains is actually a simple task. Before you pick up the phone and call your plumber, try employing some of these techniques. You will save big time and develop the confidence to make other home repairs.

Drain Cleaning Columbus, OH
Try a Plunger
The simplest solution is often the correct one. Toilet, sink, and tub drains respond extremely well to the suction of a rubber plunger. Not only is this a cheap method, but plungers only take a few minutes to use.

Snake the Drain
A lot of people think that snaking drains requires a specialized technique, some form that only a plumber knows. This is not true. Snaking a drain is a matter of persistence and elbow grease. You want to maneuver the drain into the clog and force the clog apart. This technique will smell, especially when you remove the snake. It is important to continue clearing muck stuck to pipes after the clog is cleared. Otherwise, the clog may quickly reappear.

Snakes are great for unclogging outdoor sewers of leaves and organic matter. This prevents floods from occurring on your street and driveway. Use the auger to loosen material, then wash away refuse with a hose.

Put a Drain Cleaner to Work
Hardware and big-box warehouse stores sell drain cleansers for the toughest clogs that cannot be removed with gritted teeth and tools. Drain cleaning solutions are extremely caustic and will cause severe bodily harm if handled improperly. Always read the labels and use drain cleansing products as stated on the label. Some drain cleaners will slowly eat away at your plumbing, so use these with care.

A less corrosive strategy is to use vinegar and baking soda. Pour anywhere from ½ to 1 cup of baking soda followed by equal parts vinegar. Follow it up with a gallon stove-boiled water, and voila! Your drain will likely be cleaned. Vinegar and baking soda also kill terrible odors from rotting refuse.

Preventing Clogged Drains
Instead of waiting for your drains to slowly fill with hair, muck, and other yuck, take an extra few minutes to prevent a full clog from happening altogether.

Salt and brine solutions work wonders for loosening grime buildup and eliminating grease. It is most effective on kitchen sinks. Heavily saturate warm water with salt, then pour it down the drain and let it sit. Not only does this improve water flow from residue, grease, and food debris, but it is effective at eliminating powerful odors.

Use strainers for tubs and heavily-used sinks. This prevents hair, one of the most difficult to remove substances, from building up within the pipes. A slow-draining bathtub is a sign of blockage within the pipes.

Never pour grease down a drain. Instead, wait until it hardens, and then scrap the remains into the garbage. The same goes for coffee grounds and food scraps. Water-absorbent foods like rice and noodles expand and easily clog drains. Always clear plates before washing dishes in the sink.

Always Be Prepared
With these simple steps, you can keep your pipes clear and flowing like new. However, if you’re faced with a persistent problem, it may take some professional help to fix. Have the number of a qualified team in your phone, like The Eco Plumbers, to guarantee plumbing problems never put your out.

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