Hydro Jetting – How Does It Work & What Benefits Does It Provide?

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Clogged drains are often fixed by running a metal snake through the pipe. This loosens the backed-up material, allowing water to flow through. However, in some cases, the sewer lines may become severely blocked, and a snake will not be effective. In such cases, using hydro jetting can provide a quick and safe solution. Our hydro jetting services provide a variety of advantages to homeowners, and will leave your drains and sewer lines clean and clear.

How Does Hydro Jetting Work?
Hydro jetting is a process that sends a fast stream of water through a hose into your drain. This water jet can be pressurized up to 60,000 psi. It will remove blocked material from your drains and clean out the sewer lines to leave your system fully functional.

Hydro jetting can remove a variety of materials, including:

Hardened grease
Mineral buildup
Debris and gunk
Furthermore, hydro jetting is powerful enough to remove tree roots from your plumbing system. This process is simple and effective, and can quickly clear out your clogged interior drains, main sewer line, or yard drains. It allows you to avoid the hassle of working with long snakes or cable machines, which can potentially damage your pipes.

What Are the Benefits of Hydro Jetting?
Hydro jetting your pipes has many benefits. It is an environmentally friendly drain cleaning method, as it simply uses water to clean out clogged plumbing lines. There is no need for harsh chemicals or other substances to dissolve clogs. Furthermore, it is a long-term solution. It not only breaks up clogged material, but it completely washes it away so it doesn’t continue to build up in your pipe system. This means, once hydro jetting is complete, your sewer lines will be clean and clear of materials that can cause future build-ups. When hydro jetting is used to remove tree roots, the roots may reappear in yard drains and the sewer mainline, since roots search for water and nutrients, especially in dryer seasons.

Hydro jetting is also highly effective and economical. It can handle major clogs that snakes won’t be able to clear, and will provide great results without having to break the bank on expensive pipe repairs. However, if the pipes are compromised in some way, they will need to be repaired. Furthermore, you won’t have to spend money on drain cleaning products, or take the time to snake your own pipes if a clog does occur. Hydro jetting can take care of the problem in a timely manner so you can enjoy clear and functional pipes all year long.

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