Hug a Plumber Day!

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April 25 is National Plumber’s Day!
If you happen to come across a plumber today, give him or her a hug to show your appreciation. Plumbers help keep homes, offices, schools, and hospitals running smoothly so that you have access to the water supply you need throughout the year.

Maybe you’ve even learned a few things about plumbing along the way. If you follow the tips and tricks from your plumber that help keep your plumbing system in great shape, then you’re doing a great thing for your home and the environment. It may be because of a plumber that you now know where to find the turnoff valve for your water system to prevent a damaging flood or you know how to spot that leak in your toilet.

Plumbing is one of the most important background systems within a building’s structure. That hot shower that you enjoy every morning and the cool, refreshing glass of water from the sink is all possible because of the advancements in plumbing. You could even be saving every month on your water bill after implementing some green practices. Maybe you have a plumber to thank for the information and installation.

In honor of National Plumber’s Day, here are some of the impacts of plumbing worldwide and a couple of fun facts and tips to help you keep your plumbing in top shape:

A faucet that drips twice in one minute can waste more than a gallon of water per week. Fix leaky faucet problems to conserve water and save money!
On average, people spend about 3 years of their lives on the toilet.
It’s because of comprehensive plumbing practices that we don’t have a major problem with waterborne illness and sanitation in America. Almost all waterborne illness can be completely eliminated with adequate plumbing.
Access to clean water is still the number one crisis worldwide. Almost a million people die from diseases due to unsanitary water every year. Plumbers Without Borders is a nonprofit agency working in trouble zones to ensure that rural areas have access to clean water.
750 million people globally live in areas that are currently without access to clean water.
Albert Einstein was made an honorary plumber in his lifetime after saying that he would be a plumber if he had to live his life over again.
Your local green plumber can offer advice on how you can save money and the environment by replacing old fixtures with energy efficient ones.
If you’re interested in helping a worldwide water organization, consider making this pact with yourself – Donate the money you save by going green to the water relief organization of your choice. Plumbing solutions in needful areas don’t cost much, and anything you can send will make a difference to the families who live there.
Now that you know a little bit more about plumbing, clean water, and how you can make a difference, get out there and hug a Plumber on April 25 to show your appreciation!

The Eco Plumbers is proud to provide eco-friendly plumbing services in Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding areas.

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