How to Make Your Business More Green

Home Plumbing and Eco Tips #2

Are you going green? That’s the popular question and you need to have an answer. The data and facts show that going green is more than just a fad or phase; it is the logical and responsible response. This means cutting back on waste and improving sustainability at home, in the car, and, yes, even at work.

Why Should My Business Go Green?

For business owners in particular, there are a number of advantages to promoting green practices at work. Here are a few:

Healthier Work Environment. Going green can actually improve the quality of your workplace. The Green Business Bureau website says companies that actively promote a healthier workplace report a 20 percent decrease in the number of sick days used by employees.
Cost Savings. Everything comes down to the bottom line. Going green can reduce a company’s costs by lowering energy bills and extraneous waste.

Tax Credits. The government’s focus on green initiatives has led to tax credits and rewards for companies that choose to implement environmentally friendly business practices.
Consumer Demand. The focus on environmental consciousness means customers are demanding green products and services. The market share for these products and services has recently shown exponential growth, and companies can capitalize on this demand.

Becoming Green: Big Steps

When attempting to make your business greener, there are both big and small steps you can take. Here is a look at three of the big steps:

Energy Audit. How do you know how much energy your business is using if you don’t check? Conduct an energy audit to evaluate how much you are using and how it stacks up to local averages. Most energy companies will provide free checklists for self-evaluation. From here, you will understand which areas need to be addressed.
Eliminate Overnight Waste. Is your office wasting money overnight? Start turning off lights, shutting down office equipment, and turning off power strips that drain electricity when the office is not in operation.
Company-Wide Conservation. Without proper guidance, the large majority of your employees will not know how to participate in your designs to become greener. Try implementing a company-wide conservation program for things like paper, plastics, metals, electronic equipment, ink cartridges, and other office supplies.

Becoming Green: Little Steps

After evaluating the major areas of your business, consider implementing some of these small steps, which can add up over time:

Reduce the number of paper documents circulating around the office by opting to use electronic files.
Invest in boxes of all sizes for shipping, and avoid wasting packaging by using properly sized materials.
Consider taking advantage of natural lighting to eliminate the need for excess electricity.
Install sensors in restrooms for water and lights.
Encourage carpooling among employees.
Replace outdated appliances and machinery with their newer, greener counterparts.
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