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“Going green” is a popular phrase that sounds good to a consumer base. Much like the term “organic,” though, it can have a variety of different definitions, especially in business. Green plumbing has become a popular branding concept for plumbing companies, but what does it mean?

Going green is synonymous with environmental or “eco” friendliness. It means that a business or organization is using practices that help rather than harm the environment. For many businesses, the practice of recycling as much as possible is an easy and effective way to be eco-friendly. There are other ways businesses go green, though. Let’s look at some of the ways a plumbing company like Eco Plumbers is environmentally friendly.

What “green plumbing” means:
Implement energy-saving products and technology
Using low flow replacements for toilets and faucets is one way green plumbers focus on providing environmentally sound products and services. Some of the technology implemented within the plumbing structure of a home can also be made more efficient and green, too.

Recycle more than paper
Green plumbers recycle all eligible materials used on a job site. Any items that can be repaired and reused can save customers money while promoting environmentally sound practices.

Provide energy savings calculators and tips
Green companies focus on providing information and knowledge to customers and the general public about ways to reduce our ecological impact as a whole. Eco Plumbers has an online water calculator for site visitors to use to determine water savings. We also provide water saving tips, like turning off the water while brushing your teeth.

Receive environmental accreditation from organizations focused on green practices
Eco Plumbers was recognized as the 2013 Green Plumber of the Year award by Green Plumbers USA. We are also part of the Columbus, Ohio, Green Spot organization, which provides information about green businesses and sustainability and connects people who are committed to being greener. In addition to being licensed green plumbers, we also provide WaterSense labeled products to our customers. Always look for accreditation in a green company to ensure credibility about their green services.

Minimize pollution
Green companies in general work to decrease their overall ecological footprint by using green resources and recycling. Finding ways to clear plumbing problems without chemicals is one way plumbing companies can minimize pollution regularly.

Use green resources
By purchasing products from green suppliers, green plumbing companies promote the success of green practices throughout the industry. Finding low flow providers and parts that are made in environmentally sustainable ways all helps to decrease our ecological footprint.

Use green marketing practices
Using less paper and being strategic with marketing online means less energy use and waste while still providing the same impact to the market.

Operate out of green buildings
LEED certified buildings are the most sustainable form of business buildings to operate. Even buildings that aren’t certified can take steps to promote sustainability. Using efficient light bulbs and having motion sensor lighting in bathrooms and unfrequented rooms promotes environmental friendliness while plumbers are not out in the field.

If you are interested in learning more about Eco-Friendly plumbing, contact The Eco Plumbers today and we will answer all of your questions!

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