Flushable Wipes…Or Are They?

Flushable Wipes…Or Are They?

You know you want to use them…but should you? You think they might be the best solution to your dilemma, but what if they create another problem?

You know that the double beef and bean burrito with the jalapeno and onion sauce you devoured last night is really going to challenge your standard two-ply. Heck, the Charmin Extra Strong might not even work. So, you’re eyeballing the flushable wipes because you think they’ll give you the best result.

But wait! Before you make a huge mistake, those flushable wipes aren’t all they’re propped up to be. You might create more of a disturbance than you anticipated. Are flushable wipes REALLY flushable?

Let’s ask the Eco Answer Man

While flushable wipes are advertised to be an alternative to or a companion to regular old toilet paper, they can do more harm than good. Double beef and bean burrito aside. Flushable wipes can harm your plumbing, the wastewater treatment facilities for your community and the environment.

Flushable wipes do not disintegrate as quickly as toilet paper, and this slower disintegration can lead to clogs in your plumbing. A costly repair could be in your future. If you read the fine print on the label, it’ll say something like, they’re okay to use if your plumbing system is well-maintained. Why do they need a clarification?

Since flushable wipes do not break down easily, large accumulations of wipes, grease and other non-degradable materials can form to block sewer pipes, causing sewage backups, overflows, and environmental damage.

Finally, flushable wipes are not as eco-friendly as one might think. The ingredients used to make flushable wipes take longer to decompose, so they can harm aquatic ecosystems if they end up in the water.  The chemicals in the wipes also have an adverse effect on water quality.

While flushable wipes, technically, are flushable, they do come with a variety of potential hazards. If you think that flushable wipes are your best solution for personal hygiene, you might want to stick to regular old toilet paper. It’s designed to be friendly to your plumbing, to your community and to the environment. And maybe you should rethink Taco Tuesday. Just sayin.

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