Fall is Drain Cleaning Season

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Fall is an exciting part of the year for many reasons. However, it’s also the time of year when drains become sticky with leaves and built up debris, which has become embedded in sewer lines. As such, it’s also time for the county to begin cleaning up drains – and for you to take steps in your home to ensure your plumbing is working properly.

It’s easy to reach for that bottle of traditional drain cleaner, but doing so is not always effective and can damage plumbing systems. The chemicals made to break up debris, allowing it to flush through pipes, are also abrasive on pipe linings. Any drain cleaners containing acid or lye should never be used in a drain. Traditional cleaners are usually harmful for humans to touch without gloves and come with warning labels. While many cleaners may disintegrate into harmless substances back in the environment, some do not, which means they’re not worth the cost of trying to use. Instead, there are plenty of effective and environmentally safe ways to clean drains.

There are biodegradable products on the market for cleaning a drain, but there are also effective solutions that can be made with basic household products. Baking soda and vinegar is a tried and true eco-friendly drain cleaning strategy. The foaming reaction that takes place between the vinegar and soda reaches all the nooks and crannies in a drainpipe and provides some stellar cleaning action. In addition, it’s 100% safe for the environment.

To clean your drains with this solution, start by pouring a boiling pot of water into the drain, and then dump in about ½ – 1 cup of baking soda. Wait a few minutes. Add a solution of equal parts vinegar and boiling water to the drain. Let the reaction work for several minutes, and then rinse once more with boiling water. If you aren’t a fan of the smell of vinegar, try adding some essential oils along with the solution. As an added benefit, once the smell of vinegar dissipates, it will have deodorized your pipes.

There are also tools on the market that will snake down into a drain and pull up any debris too large to be disintegrated by normal cleaning methods. This method can be a bit hairy – quite literally. A plunger may work in some instances, and it can also be used in addition to the vinegar and baking soda solution. These can be found in the bathroom supplies sections of most all-purpose stores.

For stubborn drain clogs that won’t budge – or if you don’t really relish the idea of cleaning your own drains – contact The Eco Plumbers. Sometimes the drain problem may not be in an area normal drain cleaning solutions can reach. Septic tanks or sewer systems could be part of the problem. A professional plumber can help discover clog problems buried deep in plumbing systems. Not only does The Eco Plumbers work to ensure our practices are environmentally sound, but we also know how to rid your drains of tough clogs.

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