Eco Highlights: 2014 was Greener than Ever

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What a year it has been! Columbus is the 15th-fastest-growing city in the country bringing in new talent, entrepreneurial ventures and opportunity for the community it serves. This year was also huge for the green community. Green Columbus brought Gratitude Earth Day to the city and the celebration reached a record-breaking 4,000+ volunteers who donated over 12,500 hours of time to 181 service sites across Columbus. When we look back at Eco Plumbers’ successes, 2014 will be a defining year for our company. With a focus on water quality and conservation, Eco Plumbers has transformed our strategy to distinguish ourselves as a leader in green plumbing and green living in the Columbus community.

Eco Plumbers offered water conservation services to help with the rebate programs that already exist with Los Angeles water. To date, Eco Plumbers has currently installed over 2,900 toilets in California’s high-rise infrastructures (and counting!) to help curve the drought issues California has been facing for years.

In early August, the Eco Plumbers broke ground on a new space in Columbus to fulfill growing the company in force and in services that only a new infrastructure could solve. The new 4,000 sq. foot space is being used both as an Eco Plumber equipment hub, educational/training facility, and space for day-to-day business operations. The focus of the Eco Plumbers’ facility centered on a conscientiousness of the community’s health, conservation practices and property improvements in the building of the new facility. It is our responsibility as green plumbers to inform and implement water-saving and energy efficient products daily.

Eco Plumbers all-natural Mother Nature Septic Products! The Eco Plumbers recommend only all-natural solutions to keep your drains healthy. To add peace of mind, we offer all-natural preventative maintenance of your drains and pipes.

Green Plumbers announced Aaron Gaynor and The Eco Plumbers winning the 2013 National Green Plumber of the Year Award. Aaron Gaynor of Columbus, Ohio became a Licensed Green Plumber in 2009 when his plumbing business was floundering in the recession-battered economy. Becoming licensed and rebranding the company to become The Eco Plumbers helped turn business into the thriving success it is today.

We are looking forward to extending our green efforts into the New Year!
How do you hope to improve your environmental footprint in 2015? Let us know by tweeting at us @TheEcoPlumbers.

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