Do’s and Dont’s for Your Garbage Disposal

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Garbage disposals are an excellent tool to have in your kitchen – they make clean up easier and convenient. Unfortunately, the garbage disposal is a finicky appliance that can easily become clogged and broken, leading to costly repairs. Many face garbage disposal problems because they are simply uninformed about the do’s and don’ts of using a garbage disposal. With the following tips, you will be able to keep your garbage disposal in top shape, and you’ll also avoid the cost of repairing a broken appliance.

Garbage Disposal Do’s

Do use your garbage disposal regularly to ensure that food does not build up and to avert rust and corrosion from forming.

Do run cold water when grinding, as this causes grease and oil to solidify and allows them to ground as well, rather than building up and potentially causing a clog.

Do continue running cold water for 15 seconds after turning off the garbage disposal.
Do grind ice cubes from time to time to keep the blades sharp and clean.

Do grind other hard items to keep your garbage disposal clean, such as egg shells, small bones from fish or chicken, and small pits from fruit.

Do grind large items by cutting them into smaller pieces and feeding them into the disposal individually.

Do clean your garbage disposal by running cold water and pouring dish soap down the drain after you do the dishes.

Do ensure that your garbage disposal smells fresh by grinding the peels of citrus fruits, such as lemons or oranges.

Do sharpen blades and eliminate odors by grinding vinegar ice cubes.

Do use baking soda or Borax to remove the most stubborn garbage disposal odors.

Garbage Disposal Don’ts

Don’t grind anything that is not a biodegradable food item, including metal, plastic, paper, glass, cigarette butts, combustible items, etc.

Don’t pour oil, fat, or grease into the garbage disposal as these substances build up inside the appliance, clog the drain, and prevent your garbage disposal from functioning properly.
Don’t run hot water while using the garbage disposal as this has the opposite effect of cold water, causing oil and grease to become liquid and clog the drain.

Don’t turn off the garbage disposal until it is finished grinding.

Don’t grind large bones or huge quantities of food at once, as this can break the garbage disposal.

Don’t grind foods that expand such as rice and pasta because they will expand inside the disposal, too.

Don’t grind fibrous foods, such as onion skins, corn husks, celery stalks, and artichokes, as they can jam the motor.

Don’t grind a large amount of potato peels at once – they contain a lot of starch, which can become a thick paste inside the disposal and prevent the blades from moving properly.

Don’t use harsh chemicals in your garbage disposal, such as drain cleaners or bleach, as they can damage both your pipes and the blades of your disposal.

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