Don’t Wait…Until It’s Too Late!

Don’t Wait…Until It’s Too Late!

Kevin McCallister was terrified of the ominous furnace in his scary basement in the first “Home Alone” movie. Kevin’s imagination stirred that unit to come to life and taunt the 8-year-old. Kevin eventually conquered his fear of the basement, and more importantly of the home’s furnace. You, too, can overcome your fear about this critical comfort appliance. What you need is some timely furnace maintenance tips to ensure that your home is cozy and safe.

Regular furnace maintenance is a must if you want to maintain consistent performance, ensure that your home is safe, make certain that you’re achieving optimum efficiency and protect your investment. There are several DIY steps that you can take to evaluate the health of your furnace.

First, regular visual inspections will tell you if there are visible signs of damage, corrosion, or leaks. Second, put a reminder in your calendar app to clean the area around the furnace to keep away dust and other harmful elements. Include in your reminder to make certain to change out dirty filters on a consistent basis. Finally, monitor the airflow of your unit. Conduct a floor-by-floor inspection to ensure that vents and registers are unobstructed for proper airflow.

While these DIY tips are helpful and useful, there are times when you need a professional. An EcoFi Advantage Membership includes annual maintenance for the important systems in your home. One of the benefits is an annual Fall Furnace Clean and Check. This service will identify gas or carbon monoxide leaks or electrical problems. It also includes an inspection of the key components of the furnace, including the thermostat. Finally, a ductwork check will identify leaks or blockages, and make certain for proper airflow.

Furnace maintenance is one of the most overlooked tasks by homeowners. It’s not something we’re accustomed to thinking about. Unfortunately, ignoring the job can lead to costly repairs. You want to make sure that your appliance is functioning at optimum performance, and that you’re not paying ridiculous amounts on your monthly energy bill.

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