Don’t Flush That: Common and Bizarre Things Flushed Down the Toilet

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Your toilet is probably backed up because someone used too much paper or there are roots in your system. But this isn’t true for everyone; there have been instances of crazy and bizarre items flushed down toilets. From actions figures to toenail clippings, what clogs a drain may surprise you. Here are a few of the strangest (but most common) culprits of clogged toilets.

Bizarre Toilet Finds
Jewelry. Often, people call plumbers to help them retrieve wedding rings or bracelets that have accidently found their way into the toilet bowl. Many people, however, accidentally drop pieces of jewelry down the toilet without ever knowing it. Though not great for your system, they’ll eventually find their way to the sewers. But if your ring has gone that far, it’s unlikely to make its way back to you.

False teeth.
An alarming number of dentures are flushed down toilets in the U.S. Usually you know when you lose these, but some plumbers have gone to unclog toilets and have surprised the homeowners by pulling out a set of dentures!
Toys. Homes with young children have likely had to deal with flushed toys. Perhaps it’s an experiment to see if a toilet will take a plastic princess or action hero or maybe it’s an accident, but small plastic toys will back up your system in a pretty short time. Once it’s been flushed, it’ll probably need a professional to recover and get your system back up and running.

There are also many household items that sound like they should be flushable, but avoid the temptation to flush anything that isn’t human waste and toilet paper. Distrust labels that advertise as “flushable,” like tampons and wipes. They may flush down in the short-term, but these items could eventually back up your system with regular use.

Even animal waste is problematic. Flushing cat feces may seem like a good idea, but the litter particles are terrible for your system, and the cat matter wreaks havoc on the environment – particularly sea life. The hair and ash found in dog feces can interfere with septic systems and cause clogged drains, as well.

Once something has been flushed down the toilet, it may not be gone forever. A professional plumber can help you with whatever has fallen into your toilet bowl. If you are experiencing problems with your toilet, contact The Eco Plumbers today.

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