Cape Coral Water/Sewer Hookup

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Cape Coral’s new water and sewer hookup has been a long time coming. Since the project was passed in 2013, the area has been working to move the project forward, and now area residents are slowly but surely getting hooked up to the lines. Here’s what you need to know about the project and getting hooked up as soon as possible:

Why is the city changing the utilities program?
When Cape Coral was built, the community relied on shallow wells and septic tanks. Unfortunately, today those solutions are causing more environmental harm than good. The wells are reducing the amount of groundwater in the upper aquifer, and septic tank problems are increasingly causing contamination in the surrounding environment. The new water and sewer services will create reliability in water and waste services for local residents.

Now that the new lines have been installed and connected to a deep aquifer, all that is left is for community residents to get hooked up to the lines. In addition to reliably clean water, the city expects these new changes to improve quality of life, increase property values, improve public safety, and conserve more water than ever before.

I’m ready to get connected. What do I need to do?
If you haven’t already gotten connected to the new lines, you will need the help of a professional plumbing service to complete the work. It is each resident’s responsibility to complete the connection to the supply line. Connecting to the city line is mandatory if your property is in an area that is served by utilities. However, you may choose to opt out of irrigation connectivity.

News stations have been encouraging residents to carefully evaluate companies before hiring them to do the work. Many residents have cited a long waitlist for hookups with most plumbing companies. Instead of using the cheapest company that’s available earlier, make sure that you trust the company you hire first. Choosing the wrong hookup company could cause problems with your water supply later on.

The Eco Plumbers is one of the plumbing companies working hard to make sure that all residents are hooked up as soon as possible while ensuring that each home hook up is done right the first time. When you hire a plumber for a water and sewer hookup, hiring the wrong one could lead to excessive costs later on. We encourage you to choose companies that are licensed, bonded, and insured and ones that have available recommendations and reviews available for you to look at.

At Eco Plumbers, we operate under the most stringent guidelines in the industry, while using environmentally sound practices in all of the jobs we undertake. We have already completed many of hookups for residents in the area, and we fully understand the guidelines set forth by the city for each hookup. We’re working as quickly as possible to get all of our customers connected to water and sewer services. If you need to be connected, please contact our plumbers to get the process started today.

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