Aaron Gaynor Awarded 2013 Green Plumber of the Year

Home Plumbing and Eco Tips #2

We are proud to announce that The Eco Plumbers and our very own Aaron Gaynor have been named the 2013 National Green Plumber of the Year Award by Green Plumbers USA. This is an incredible honor and we are very proud of all of the hard work by our incredible employees. We are proud to bring our customers a level of service above and beyond our competitors and we hope to continue that throughout the next year and beyond.

From Green Plumbers:

“Aaron Gaynor of Columbus, Ohio, became a Licensed Green Plumber in 2009 when his plumbing business was floundering in the recession-battered economy. Becoming licensed and rebranding his company to become The Eco Plumbers helped him turn his business into the thriving success it is today.

Part of what makes Gaynor and his team exceptional is their ability to shift their community’s understanding of an individual’s role in environmental sustainability even in an area that is not water scarce. “Because we don’t have drought headlines in the Columbus media, most of our customers believe that buying a tankless water heater is the only thing they can do to green their homes. But we show them how they can go beyond that,” Gaynor told Green Plumbers.

“If you are willing to put in the work to change, Green Plumbers will help you make it happen,” Gaynor commented. The advice, web design assistance and marketing materials that Green Plumbers Licensing contributed has propelled Gaynor’s business and sustainability model forward. But the reason Gaynor and The Eco Plumbers have won the Green Plumber of the Year Award is because of their dedication, tenacity and skill in implementing a green business model.”

We would like to thank Green Plumbers for this great honor and look forward to what 2014 has to bring. Our customers are still the most important part of this company. We are proud to bring you the best green plumbing service around.

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