7 Ways Your Sewer Line Can Be Damaged

7 Ways Your Sewer Line Can Be Damaged

Most already know that sewer lines transport wastewater from a home or business to underground sewer mains. Beyond the functionality, most individuals do not give much thought to sewer lines until problems arise. When a sewer line clogs or breaks, a backup can occur, causing sewage to come out of drains. Of course, this can lead to significant damages.

Although a property owner or homeowner can adequately perform some drain maintenance and cleaning, sewer inspection and repair tasks should be handled by a professional and licensed plumber. If an error occurs during replacement or repair processes, additional clogging, sewage backup, and leaks can occur, resulting in costly damages.

For this reason, it is important for homeowners and property owners to pay attention to the plumbing needs of a home or business. It may be beneficial to have your sewer lines replaced if you are experiencing the following problems in your home or business place:

Cracked, broken, collapsed, or offset pipes: Pipes that have been damaged by frozen ground, settling soil, or shifting soil.
Blockage: An object or grease buildup that is prohibiting or restricting adequate flow or cleaning of the sewer line.
Corrosion: A broken or corroded pipe, which has caused collapses and is restricting proper flow.
Bellied line: A portion of the pipe has sunk due to soil or ground conditions, which has created a collection of paper and waste.
Leaking joints: Seals between pipes have broken, which allows water to leak into the areas surrounding pipes.
Roots in the line: Shrub or tree roots have invaded or damaged the line, which prevents cleaning.
Off-grade pipe: Pipes built using substandard materials have corroded or deteriorated.

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