7 Common Contaminants Found in Household Water Supplies

7 Common Contaminants Found in Household Water Supplies

Most people do not know, but the water that comes out of your faucets actually travels miles before reaching you. Along the way, water can be infected by various types of contaminants, which can alter the taste of your water and make it less enjoyable to consume. Some have the ability to damage your plumbing system as well. Below is a list of common contaminants:

Nitrates: Nitrates are fairly common throughout Columbus and the surrounding areas. These contaminants can enter the water supply in runoffs from farms that are treated with fertilizers. Nitrates can be harmful to a person’s health if they are consumed frequently and for a long amount of time, especially expecting mother’s and young children.

Chlorine: Most municipal water suppliers will add chlorine to water supplies in order to sterilize it. However, chlorine can negatively affect your household plumbing, significantly reducing the expected lifespan of pipes. The effects of chlorine in drinking water has also been linked to many health concerns.

Bacteria: Pipes serve as perfect breeding grounds for bacteria. Because they are moist, dark, and contain different types of organic matter at all times, bacteria can enter water supplies with ease. This type of contaminant can create serious odors, which can come up come your drains, and can cause individuals to suffer from serious health problems.

Fluoride: This chemical, which is commonly found underground, is used by municipal water authorities and added to water supplies in order to sterilize water. While it is often used for its health benefits, there are many concerns that this chemical may actually be harmful after long periods.

Arsenic: Many rural areas still have traces of arsenic in their water supplies. This can be highly toxic and cause various types of cancer to develop if consumed over long periods of time.

Lead: This contaminant can enter water supplies via old plumbing fixtures and systems. For this reason, people living in older homes should have their plumbing systems and water supplies checked as least once a year to ensure water is safe to use and consume.

Iron: This contaminant is common, especially in areas that use cast iron pipes for water mains. While iron may not lead to major health issues, it can alter that taste of water.

At The Eco Plumbers, our Columbus plumbers recommend that installation of a filtration system and water softener in your home. In doing so, you can enjoy the taste of the water in your home and know that your plumbing system and health is safe.

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