4 Ways to Conserve Water This Holiday Season

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The holiday season is a wonderful opportunity to commune with friends, family, and loved ones. However, when you entertain holiday guests, it can be harder to maintain your eco-friendly lifestyle. You can still conserve water this season with a few simple tweaks to your routine.

Use Kitchen Smarts
Most of us use our kitchens more often during the holidays. Whether it’s for prepping the holiday ham or stuffing the turkey, there’s something about the season that makes us all turn to food. When you’re in the kitchen, try using some simple water-conserving tips:

Defrost your holiday bird (or anything else) in the refrigerator, not under running water. A running faucet can dispense up to 4 gallons of water a minute, creating serious waste. But remember to plan ahead: A turkey can take up to three days to thaw in a refrigerator, depending on its size. Another perk? Meat that defrosts in a fridge is safer, as bacteria has less time to grow.

Scrape your extra food into the trash, not the sink. And if you want to avoid plumbing issues, never put bones, rice, pasta, or eggshells in the disposal.

Rinse your fruits and veggies in a prefilled pan or bowl of water, not under a running faucet. Use a cloth or soft brush lightly to scrub off any extra residue.

Use appropriately sized pans. Larger pans take more water to wash, so use only what you need.
If you have a double sink, fill one with soapy water and the other with plain water to rinse dishes. Try not to drain and refill while washing dishes, unless the water becomes exceptionally dirty.

Keep pitchers of cool water in your fridge. Running the tap to achieve your desired temperature is wasteful.

Practice Green Appliance Use
When you’re running your dishwasher or washing machine, use them only when you have full loads. Don’t separate your guests’ laundry from your own; just make one big load to conserve energy. If your guests are as eco-conscious as you are, there’s no need to wash the guest linens or towels every day.

Post Tips around the House
Posting tips or suggestions around water usage areas, such as the bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room, can get everyone thinking about conservation. Here are some ideas:

Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth to save gallons of water per minute.
Take shorter showers to help conserve water.
Prepare For Guests’ Arrival
Before you entertain guests, take a quick look around the house to make sure that you’re doing your best to conserve water. Are your faucets free of leaks? Are your pipes properly insulated? Do you have low-flow showerheads installed? Simple fixes like these not only help the environment, they’ll also help your wallet in the long run.

At The Eco Plumbers, we’re committed to helping you conserve water. If you have any questions about our eco-friendly plumbing services or want extra suggestions about leading a water-conserving lifestyle, please contact us. We have free in-home inspections and service quotes!

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